A COVID-19 Message from Boucher Funeral Home

Health officials and the Governor have indicated that one way to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus is through uniformly attempting to limit public gatherings such as viewings and funerals to 50% capacity.  This would allow us 100 people in our funeral home at one time. Our sympathies go out to anyone who has the additional burden of a death during this time.  Because there are no current restrictions on the manner of disposition of how we honor our dead, we encourage those experiencing a death to work with their funeral director in creating meaningful public or private services that meet your needs yet fall within the current approach on limiting gatherings.  We are here to guide you on an individual basis. 

You are also aware that another way to limit the spread of the virus is to refrain from going out in public if you have symptoms or are not feeling well.  If anyone is experiencing flu-like symptoms, we encourage you NOT to attend funeral services.  Reach out to Boucher Funeral Home and we will be sure to share your condolences with the family.  We will also offer other options to let the family know that you care during this difficult time. 

Given the reality and uncertainty of COVID-19, it is important to know that Boucher Funeral Home is taking precautions to limit the exposure to the coronavirus.  We remain available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making certain that the families we serve are receiving uninterrupted service and attention, regardless of the cause or manner of death. 

Please know that we are committed to those who call upon us and will remain focused on serving both the living and the deceased with the health and well-being of our communities in mind.  We take this situation seriously and will work this through together. 




The Staff of Boucher Funeral Home